Flash SEO Tool 是一套比较好的 Flash/Flex SEO 工具,可以简单方便快捷实现 Flash/Flex SEO 简单的流程,实现“快速化操作”。 但是否适用于所有的项目,我采取保留的观点,因为我反而觉得这套工具的思路过于“复杂”。

Flash SEO Tool

Google seems to index flash sites now. But only compiled-in content can be indexed by web spider. Dynamically loaded text nor images are “invisable”. Flash’n’SEO have created some exepriments The idea here is to automatically provide fully functional HTML site “under” Flash content. Flash SEO Tool will make it for you without any server-side coding. Read more and see an example on flashseotool.com Flash SEO Tool 结合了 SWFAddress & AMFPHP。 更多请参考 flashseotool.com